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d12n Research Cluster @ Faculty of Social Sciences, Leiden University (NL) • Digit(al)ization of culture, society, and scholarship

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The Synthetic City: Potentials, Politics and Everyday Life

A conference exploring the possible implications of artificial intelligence and related digital technologies for urban living and politics.

Dublin City University, September 6-7

Submission deadline: June 2

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Many educators accept the idea that we need to systematically assess the performance of our students. Easily accessible writing tools complicate the practice of assessment: how do we gauge whether an assignment is original work? In the age of AI, academic integrity is at stake – or so we’re told.

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In today's workshop, we worked with @ulrike on finding "memorable identifiers" for the concepts and ideas we care about.

There are two ways to find visual metaphors: (1) pick up on visual hints provided by words or sentences in the material you want to illustrate, or (2) brainstorm and work with the associations between the work and the things it reminds you of.

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